Means and Highly Qualified Staff

On a temporary basis

Ordax Services offers its clients a special team of professional experts in charge of providing the technical means and the qualified staff required to meet the needs of each and every client.
This provision of means is available for indoor and outdoor transfers of goods in private and/or public companies. This service includes:

  • Removal, Packing, Assembling, Furniture dismantling.
  • embalajesCajasRemoval, Packing, Assembling, Furniture dismantling.
  • Removal, Packing, Assembling, Computer equipment dismantling.
  • Removal, Packing, Assembling, Files & documents dismantling.

Our clients can hire ORDAX Services as follows:

  • Workers per hour (according to the functions to carry out).
  • Vehicles per hour (according to the service requested).

On a permanent basis

Many companies request our services (workers at their offices or warehouses for a full day) on a permanent basis; Indeed an interesting money saving option for our clients.

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