ORDAX arte&exposiciones has a fleet of specially designed vehicles for Works of Art transportation. All our trucks and light vans are equipped with the most advanced systems in order to guarantee the best conditions in every aspect during each trip. Our vehicles comply with the following technical conditions:

  • Adequate capacity according to the specific features of the Work of Art (packing, volume and weight).
  • Air suspension system.
  • Isothermal structure.
  • Hydraulic lifting platform.
  • Anchoring systems with fitting straps.
  • Temperature and humidity control systems.
  • Fire extinguishing safety system.
  • Burglar-resistant safety system.
  • Monitoring and communication system

In order to offer top quality and permanently improving services, ORDAX arte&exposiciones provides redundant systems to its vehicles and two drivers per truck or van, thus assuring the safest conditions during every trip. All vehicles have double fire extinguishing systems (conventional extinguisher and automatic gas extinguisher), two fuel tanks for maximum autonomy, double communication system via mobile phone with GSM linked to a radio communication system and double access to the trailer.


ORDAX arte&exposiciones fleet is integrated by 12 different vehicles in order to meet the most demanding standards of the best Work of Art transport.


 camion  vehiculos

Large size

  • Between 35m3 and 50m3 load volume
  • Up to 13,500 kgs. load weight.
  • Two drivers
  • 3 seats cab. Mail service aboard.
  • Automatically controlled speed limit 80 km/h
  • Long-haul trips.

Medium size

  • Between 20m3 and 35m3 load volume
  • Up to 9,800 kgs. load weight.
  • Two drivers
  • 3 seats cab. Mail service aboard.
  • Automatically controlled speed limit 80 km/h
  • Short/medium-haul trips.



Medium weight vans

  • Up to 35m3 load volume carga.
  • Up to 3,500 kgs. load weight.

Support Vans

  • For staff, material or small packing removal.

Vans with built-in lifts

  • For loads removal through outdoor entrances and/or gates.

Private cars

  • Mail service.
  • Following car.
  • Staff transfers.

Our maintenance team, integrated by professionals in maintenance service, is in charge of checking and tuning-up all our vehicles and their components on a regular basis, in order to guarantee the highest quality in Works of Art transport.

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