Our Facilities

ORDAXtakes care of each and every Art Work with the sensitiveness, respect and responsibility they deserve. With a 3,120m2 surface, our main facilities include the following:

  • Logistic control offices.
  • Carpenter shop.
  • Temperature-controlled safety rooms (200 m2)
  • Packing room.
  • Showroom.
  • Loading & unloading dock.
  • Changing room.
  • Temporary storage.
  • Main storage location.

Security System


  • TV closed circuit with high definition cameras and recording equipment with local and remote access.
  • Intruder detection System through motion infrared detectors.
  • Access control to restricted access areas through fingerprint recognition system.
  • External control by perimeter laser systems.
  • Smoke and fire detectors.

All systems are connected 24/7 to the company main office, the alarm central office and the Police headquarters.

Security camera

  • Reinforced concrete structure.camaraSeguridad
  • Reinforced secured double door and security grille.
  • Access control through security dashboard.
  • Closed TV circuit.
  • Sistema de detección y extinción de incendios por gas
  • Temperature-control system in order to keep constant temperature and humidity levels.

For this reason as well as for its cleanness, organization and exhaustive control of every parameter, Ordax is a reference as to the best facilities in the market.

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