caja-climatizada2 As a result of thorough study and deep respect for each and every Work of Art, the I+D department of ‘Ordax, Experts in Transport, Art & Exhibitions’ develops the highest standards of quality and the best storage conditions for every packing system according to the particular and unique needs of each Work of Art. Assuming that “Each piece is unique”, our clients will find in our packing system a totally safe and fully reliable mean of transportation to carry their Art works all over the world under the best conditions.Every Ordax packing system is the outcome of exhaustive research as to the use and application of the best materials in manufacturing top quality packing for each Work of Art in order to meet all requirements related to preventive conservation.


As a previous step to every handling-packing-transporting task, our experts pay a visit to the place where the Work of Art is located in order to study and assess ‘in situ’ the particular needs of the location.

  • Number and type of access to the location (doors, gates, corridors, lifts).
  • Assessment of the best and shortest way to final destination.
  • Assessment of the safest transport conditions.
  • Selection of technical means and materials required.
  • Design of the most adequate packing system according to the particular technical needs and specific dimensions of the Work of Art.

Each packaging system is made by our specialized staff in our own carpenter shop under thorough supervision of our conservation experts as to the quality, strength and dimensions of the materials used, thus assuring the highest conservation standards of each Work of Art during handling, packing and transportation.

In order to guarantee the quality of the materials used in every packaging system and to meet the needs at every stage during the packaging-transporting process, ‘ORDAX transporte arte&exposiciones’ carries out internal audits on a regular basis in order to check and optimize its different packaging systems as well as their manufacturing process.

Packing Systemembalajes4

  • Soft packing
  • Rigid packing

Soft Packing

The first layer of protection gets directly into contact with the Work of Art. It isolates the piece from chemical agents and protects it against dust, scratches or stains. All materials used are chemically neutral. Materials used:

  • Tissue (perspirant)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glassine
  • Cellaire

The second layer is made of protector papers, an intermediate cushion to absorb any hit or clash and to reduce vibrations and the effects of humidity and temperature changes. Materials used:

  • Bulkraft
  • Cellplast
  • Aircap
The third layer is a cardboard covering. Physical protection against impacts and vibrations.

Rigid Packing

‘ORDAXarte&exposiciones’ provides professional advice in the selection of the best packing for each Work of Art according to its handling and transportation to fit the standards of the best Art conservation professionals in national and international museums.

Types of packing systems provided by ‘ORDAXarte&exposiciones’

01-Back and lateral lids made of phenol plywood (20 mms)

02-Base with 30 mms sliding skates

03-Inside covered with polystyrene foam (30 mms)

04-Inside corners protected with polyethylene foam (35 mms)

05-Shutting system with metal decks and hexagonal screws.

06-Retractable metal handles.

07-Reinforced external corners.

08-Insulating rubber joint.

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