Assembly Department


Our Production and Assembly Department has been created to meet the needs of any temporary or permanent museum Project aimed at displaying any type of Work of Art.

For this purpose, Ordax has a multidisciplinary team with a large experience and fully qualified to carry out any type of assembly and/or museum installations.

We provide an integral and key-in-hand service from the moment we get in touch with the client through the transportation phase and up to the setting-up phase at the exhibition room under careful supervision of our coordinators.

We provide professional assistances for the following:

Museums setting-up:

Ordax has its own carpenter shop in order to make museum display accessories according to the particular needs of each exhibition. If required, we have special areas to set up a previous design of the exhibition before the definite display is to be installed. With this, every detail is carefully studied before the final setting-up.

We build up wooden panels, walls, stands and all type of accessories (cardboard base, exhibition display, tables, etc. with different finish qualities.

Adaptations and adjustments:

Exhibition rooms in general require adjustments or special adaptations according to the Works of Art to be displayed.

Ordax team is qualified to carry out adaptations as necessary:

  • Display of all elements in the exhibition room.
  • Painting or special treatment of the room walls.
  • Electric installation adaptation or special installation for showcases.
  • General lighting of the exhibition room + special spot lights.

Ordax also carries out specific works for each museum project.

Our professional team of experts is devoted to carry out every setting-up according to the clients’ needs.

Work of Art setting up and manipulations:

Because manipulation and final setting up are the most delicate stages of the setting up process as a whole, Ordax has a team of professionals fully qualified to handle every Work of Art to be exposed as well as the equipment required to transfer each and every piece (platforms, exhibition room cranes, hoists, lifts, etc.).

We make customized special bases and provide security systems, conservation materials and a special staff for the conservation, restoration and control of the setting up process in order to guarantee the best and safest exhibition conditions.

Other services:

Besides the essential services listed above, Ordax also provide auxiliary services which might be needed for the exhibition project, such as:


  • Indoor and outdoor design and layout.
  • Audiovisual equipment for rent.
  • Spots for rent.
  • Glassware.
  • Metalwork.
  • Framing.
  • Textiles and upholstery.
  • Maintenance in general.

Ordax works in coordination with the best industries and firms in every field and checks the quality of every work carried out.

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