Areas of Work


Specialized staff in transporting Works of Art. All staff members hold university degrees in Art Restoration.


Ordax team of experts is fully aware of the delicate nature of every piece of Art so every moment is carefully calculated in order to guarantee the safest and most reliable conditions during transportation.

In order to avoid any kind of risks, our team of experts follows a strict code of internal rules when manipulating, packing, loading and unloading our clients’ precious Art pieces. These rules, as well as a set of specific rules to be applied to each specific artistic technique, are updated on a regular basis.

With a sound experience in the execution of every task involved in their daily job, our staff members follow training courses in the different areas.

Ordax technical staff will work together with the client and will designate a coordinator to be in charge of all different tasks at every stage.



Ordax coordination staff is in charge of coordinating all administrative proceedings requested by our clients whether they are public or private institutions or private clients.

  • National and international Transport
  • Insurance proceedings
  • Transport supervisors
  • Customs
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Specific instructions
  • Packing lists
  • Etc.

At the clients’ request, the coordinators make a careful planning of the services to be provided in order to meet the clients’ needs.

The instructions include specific details about the type of objects to transport, packing lists, contracts, transport requirements and estimated time for the service to be provided.

All coordinators are holders of university degrees with more than 10 years experience in coordinating transport services for public or private institutions.

They all speak fluent Spanish, English and have a basic knowledge of German and French.

Ordax coordinator will be responsible for the communication between the client and the different work groups.


The register staff is in charge of tracking each Work of Art during the journey by verifying the point of departure and the final destination of each piece.

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